Body Piercing

Piercing Studio at Expressions of Lancaster.

We have a team of trained, highly skilled and friendly body piercers who are always happy to help. Our piercing studio is open 7 days a week so there is always someone available to answer your questions.  We don’t take appointments ,so just turn up!

Ready for the Next Piercing?

Ear and Body Piercing at Expressions

Expressions is home to Lancaster’s longest established piercing studio with over 18 years of experience. We have a qualified piercer in 7 days a week to help you with all your piercing needs. No bookings needed, just walk in.

At Expressions customer satisfaction is key. We fully respect our customer’s privacy. Our piercing studio is in a private room upstairs, to help ensure our customers are comfortable. Our studio hygiene is kept to a very high, professional standard and is approved by Public Health England.

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No appointment needed, just walk in!

Piercing Prices



Lobes (Under 5’s)



£18 | Gun
£25 | Needle


£18 | Gun
£25 | Needle

Ear Piercing

(Tragus, daith, rook, forward helix, anti-tragus, conch)

Body Piercing

(Navel, nipple, eyebrow, lip, tongue, bridge)

Double Needle




Dermal Anchor

£33 | Biopsy Punch

Jewellery Change

£1 | Bought Here
£3 | Bought Elsewhere